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"In Wixon's debut YA novel, a dyslexic teenager's trip to Disney World becomes a more serious adventure in which he must stop invading aliens from spreading evil. An educational, witty and enjoyable tale that showcases its unique protagonist."

—Kirkus Reviews

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My Story

This book is a love song for my children.


It began many years ago when my son was in second grade. He couldn’t read. Fortunately, we lived in Montgomery County, Maryland, and his teachers literally leaped into action. While I took him for testing, they began working with him, giving him encouragement and added skillsets to help him navigate the world of dyslexia.


While Elementary School was difficult for him, it was Middle School that took its toll. The teachers in his Elementary School worked in harmony to lift him up and while they couldn’t protect him from unpleasant behavior, they tried very hard to do just that.

But Middle School...Middle School is tough for every child, and especially tough for the special needs child – the speds.


Every student knows who the speds are, and many are unkind. Getting off the bus every morning must have felt like heading into a torture chamber from which there was no escaping.


I looked for books about dyslexic children. I thought it might help to know there were others whose names he recognized, so he wouldn’t feel so alone. But most of those books were about how difficult it was to be dyslexic. Which he already knew!


That’s when I decided to write a book with the dyslexic kid as the hero…because he WAS dyslexic. A normal learner would be useless because he/she didn’t have the special skills and abilities often found in those who are dyslexic.


Devon in Disney!


This book has been written and formatted for the dyslexic child. The chapters are short on purpose, so there’s a sense of accomplishment every day. The text is set in the dyslexie font – a font designed by a dyslexic reader for dyslexic readers.


My goal with this book is to help dyslexic children realize they are bright, shining stars, and to help educate non-dyslexic children that different isn’t a reason for ridicule. They all need to know each of us has the seed of a hero hiding in our hearts.

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Michael Dobal

October 24, 2017

"I have struggled with a learning disorder my whole life and after years of the stigma associated with it, I found a way, as an adult, to use it to my advantage. With Devon in Disney, Ann Wixon has given kids a way to feel empowered instead of embarrassed. And she has done it with a charming tale of self awareness in a style tailored for the very children she's writing about. This book is not just for those with dyslexia, but for anyone who's been made to feel that they don't quite "fit in."

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