"In Wixon's debut YA novel, a dyslexic teenager's trip to Disney World becomes a more serious adventure in which he must stop invading aliens from spreading evil. An educational, witty and enjoyable tale that showcases its unique protagonist."

—Kirkus Reviews

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Michael Dobal

October 24, 2017

"I have struggled with a learning disorder my whole life and after years of the stigma associated with it, I found a way, as an adult, to use it to my advantage. With Devon in Disney, Ann Wixon has given kids a way to feel empowered instead of embarrassed. And she has done it with a charming tale of self awareness in a style tailored for the very children she's writing about. This book is not just for those with dyslexia, but for anyone who's been made to feel that they don't quite "fit in."

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